Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Moving Right Along

So week one is finished and we are moving right along into week two. The weekends really seem to be the hardest for me. I know that Chris being around then is really built into my psyche after all those 9-5 jobs he has had. Also the lack of structure really seems to get everyone down. I am really going to try to get out of the house on those days just to keep it interesting. Our schedule is still up and running, though it is harder to stay on track with the whole Kindergarten thing, though I know that Leo needs the one on one time. Sitting and reading a book together has the same calming result on that little wild guy. I wish the weather was nice so I could boot him outside, though what he really needs is a trampoline and a climbing wall to get all his jumping and climbing needs taken care of. It is amazing what he finds to do in lieu of that. I am constantly "amazed" as in, "I can't believe you are doing that again! Right after I just told you not to a hundred times!!" He does have an upbeat happy disposition so at least I know that he isn't moping around like some others that I know who claim, "Nothing is ever fun around here! Whenever there is anything fun I get left out and when there is something Horrible happening I get to be there!" I personally don't recall anything horrible happening so I am not sure what is being referred to. Unless of course "Nothing" is considered HORRIBLE.

The husband of a friend of mine was convicted after listening to a sermon about taking care of widows and orphans, that he needed to do someting nice for me. So he watched their kids and ours, 10 in all. So that she and I could go out to another friend's birthday party. That really is love in action. The party was a fun time to catch up with some ladies I hadn't seen in a while. It really ended with a bang.
The kids should be out of bed and going with the plan, but they were up late and I figured I wold take advantage of the situation to put this out.

I am so thankful for all the friends that have been calling and coming over, it really keeps me from being so lonely or feeling isolated. I also feel like I am getting some quality time in with each of you before we actually take off for the Island. Yes, we will be going for reals sometime soon....

Monday, January 4, 2010

Heading into a Rut

After how well things went today I really hope that we are heading into a rut. I would love to see each day pass as pleasantly as this one. Though I feel on the verge of tears most of the time I still managed to be light most of the day and our new schedule really played out the way it is supposed to so that is a relief. I know that if we can keep it up for a couple of weeks it will really stick. It is hard to know how to deal with the kids stress and heartache at not having Chris around and balance my own. I started my day with prayer and journaling, I know that this is a big help in getting the day going right. Venting in a long phone call also did its part, thanks Brother.When there are so many things that need to line up in order for our family to be together it gets to be really overwhelming. I pray that I can maintain a joyful perspective in the midst of this. Thanks to all of you who have commented, emailed or called. I really appriciate the encouragement and the knowledge that you are praying for us.