Wednesday, May 20, 2009


It is a pleasure to waste my time with our nextdoor neighbors. We are always popping by eachother's door just to "let you know" or "try some of this I made" and it always turns into 30 minutes to an hours worth of visiting. Returning a borrowed video leads to conversations about this and that. It has been years since I felt this type of at homeness with someone who lived nextdoor, and I only felt that before because I was actually related to the people in the house next to us. We really are so blessed living here.


  1. We really like our one neighbor (who owns the property on 3 sides of us, and sold us this place). When he comes over, or I head over there, it is a guaranteed 1+ hour conversation. It is very nice. We had nice neighbors when we lived in the townhouse in Valley Golf, but it is a little different when you know it is a short stay.

    Very glad to hear that you can have that homeness too. Are these roots growing out of my feet?

  2. I just had my neighbor run the homeopathic remedies I needed for Amelia over, with offers of "anything at all I can do..." Few things beat a great neighbor.

  3. How precious are good neighbors!
    In our last apartment we had some good reliable neighbors but like Daniel said it's different when you know it's a short stay.
    Glad that you guys have good neighbors as an extra bonus.

  4. So glad you have nice neighbors.It seems like that wasn't the case at your other Oregon house. PTL Love you

  5. Amanda and I just met the neighbors to the north of us. They are a couple about mom and dad's age. They have come by a few times to introduce them selves but Amanda and Kana were taking a nap. Finaly last week we were able to meet them properly! They seem really fun. I can't wait to get to know them better. They have a daughter and son-in-law who work with SIL in Ethiopia.