Thursday, October 29, 2009

Long Time No Hear

Life has really been happening and this blog was left in the dust. We have gone through a lot of changes since school began. Violette and Leo are enrolled in the local public Charter school. It is called Multisensory Learning Academy, they are loving it. I am not too keen on the early mornings or the three trips a day to get them there and bring them home, but it has been a good thing in our family. Yzzy and Sylvan are doing an online national public school. It turns out to be more work for me than just plain homeschool but there are lots of great things about it, they are learning lots and lots of things I never bothered teaching, so that is good. The best thing is that this year is a transition year for the four of them that are in school, and next year they will all be enrolled in public school. Whew! I have always envied the moms that felt good about sending their kids off to public school and enjoyed living their own lives for the available 7 hours in the day while the homeschooling moms eke out a few minutes here and there for their own ambitions. It has taken quite a journey for me to be in this place, but I am happy to be here and embark on the new adventure.

Another new thing is that Violette will be having surgery next week to have her toncils taken out. Many of you probably know about Violette. Anyway, the doctor says that this will resolve many of her issues. Her number one being that it is really hard for her to get a good night's sleep. She snores like an elephant, so she doesn't get any good deep sleep.This is because her toncils are so overgrown they almost touch in the middle of the back of her throat. It is some weird tissue thing. As you know this would cause problems for any of us. For her it has been quite difficult to control her emotions, feel balanced in life, etc.
We are looking forward to meeting her post recovery. You can be thinking of her and praying for her early in the morning on the 9th of November.

That is all for now, but be warned, CHANGE IS IN THE AIR.......


  1. so nice to hear an update on your life Joy! change is good, but I often find myself resisting it and then in the end wondering why I did... today, as I was picking Penny up from school I noticed all these cute little boys toddling behind their mothers and I missed having a preschooler for a moment...that time in my life was so busy, but just like that- it has disappeared and now my kids need me in different ways. I'm just trying to keep up with them- especially my 11 year old! :)


  2. Hi Joy,So interesting to hear about all your changes! Yes we will pray for Violett on the 9th. Love you.

  3. Well, I'm glad I checked in just in time to pray for Violette tomorrow! My goodness, I didn't have any idea about her tonsils, and it sounds like a trying thing for you all. Will pray that it goes well and that it helps a great deal. Can't wait to see you guys next week!